Averitt 5K

Cookeville, TN

Averitt 5K

In-person &  Virtual Race for Averitt Associates

Associates participating in either the in-person race at our Corporate campus or the virtual race
must register for the 5K on this site. Please register for only one event. To be guaranteed a shirt, register by August 31 for onsite and virtual racing! Those looking to take part in the 1-mile walk must also register in order to participate and receive a t-shirt.

Race Details:
This year’s Averitt 5K is both in-person and virtual! The in-person event takes place Sept. 16,
2023 at the Averitt Fitness Center, and the virtual race can be completed anywhere at any time
during the month of September!

In-Person Race Information
The in-person 5K is open to all Averitt associates and immediate family. Anyone who completes
the 5K will receive a t-shirt and is entered to win other great prizes! When registering for the
race, immediate family members wishing to participate must register through this site as well.

Click here to register for the race!

Virtual Race Information
The virtual 5K is open the entire month of September, allowing you to complete the 5K at any
point during the month by walking or running any route of your choosing. You can track and
upload your results automatically by downloading the optional Virtual Race app. Results can
also be manually uploaded on this site. See full instructions below for how to upload the results
of your virtual 5K.

Click here to register for the race!


Feel free to download the optional Virtual Race app below, and it will track your progress toward the 5K. It will also upload results for this race automatically.


See the full instructions below.



Register for Your Virtual Race

Find a virtual event on ITS YOUR RACE and click the REGISTER button. When prompted during the registration process, either login or create a new account for ITS YOUR RACE.  

  • **The email you use to login to ITS YOUR RACE must match the email address that you enter during race registration**


Download the IYR Virtual Mobile App


This app will allow you to run your virtual race and automatically track your pace, distance, and overall time.  The app will recognize the race distance that you registered for and automatically stop your session at the appropriate distance (eg 3.1 miles for a 5K virtual race) and send your results in.  It's the closest thing you can get to running a real race!

If you do not wish to use the IYR Virtual mobile app for your virtual race, please see instructions for manually entering your finish time at the bottom of this page.

Log Into Your ITS YOUR RACE Account

When you open the app for the first time select the "I've used it before" option and login to your IYR account.  

Find Your Race and Choose whether you will use the app to run, or manually enter a time

Search for your event, tap it, and go to the TRACKER menu item at the top. Click on the READY FOR MY RACE button.  The app will automatically detect the email address that you are logged in with and compare it to the registrations for that race.  

A pop-up window will appear and ask you if you'd like to use the app to run or walk your race. If you use the app, the app will use your phone's GPS tracking capabilities to record your distance, pace, and time. You can also use a different app or device (such as a watch) to record your activity. If you do this, you can select MANUAL ENTRY and enter your time. Your results will automatically be sent up to the event's overall results on itsyourrace.com

Start Your Race and Allow App Permissions

When you're ready, slide the START RACE button at the bottom. The app will count down 5 seconds and you will receive notifications from your phone to allow motion and fitness activity, and then to allow GPS BE SURE TO TAP OK and ALLOW for these as the app will not be able to track you if you do not allow these permissions

Run or Walk!

Stow your phone and get moving! The app will automatically calculate your distance, pace, and time. When you've reached the exact distance, the app will automatically stop your activity and send your results to the event's results page.  You can save a screenshot of your accomplishment and share it with your friends, family, and followers!

*NOTE* If for any reason you need to cancel your race once you've started, you can completely close out the app and it will wipe out your session.  When you restart the app, you can begin your race again.

Please remember to check your local regulations to see where you can and can't run or walk at this time, and remember to social distance!

Check Your Results and Get Your
Finisher Certificate


  • Go to ITS YOUR RACE.com, search for your event, and go to the RESULTS PAGE. 
  • Select the distance that you ran or walked from RACE dropdown
  • Search for your name and click on your participant listing
  • Click on the zoom icon over the finisher certificate to open a detailed custom finisher certificate with all of your race information. Feel free to download, print, and share your certificate!



If you do not wish to download the IYR Virtual app to run your virtual race, you also have the option of manually entering your finish time directly on the website. Please follow the instructions in this video.


When & Where

Sep 16, 2023


8:00 AM

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Cookeville, TN

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